New Directions
in New Therapies


Bob Wieden, President & CEO.

Mr. Wieden is a serial entrepreneur that looks to fill "gaps" in unmet markets, and is a "man on a mission" when it comes to finding a therapeutic solution targeting Alzheimer's disease.

He possesses over 26 years of executive management experience, with a direct focus on developing business strategies and market plans to guide new products and services to market. He is a growth-oriented business builder that has led the development efforts for a plethora of "idea" stage technologies and new business enterprises. In that regard, he has led start-up/spin-off ventures for Fortune 500 technology firms, ACS, GTE, Storagetek and Perot Systems. As a consummate deal maker, he is well known as an "elephant hunter" in business consulting and outsourcing business development engagements and has sold over $200 million in strategic deals.

Over the last decade, he successfully went on to develop and lead a handful of companies that encompassed the following categories: Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Internet/e-Commerce, Kinetic Energy Devices, LED Lighting, Thermo-Electrics, and New-Age Beverage. Highlights include launching the hand-held, wind-up LED flashlight into the U.S. market using direct to consumer infomercials to gain a foothold in the retail marketplace and a beverage start-up venture that was punctuated with a public offering on the OTC market in 2008.

Through his international market development initiatives, he has become a leading authority in executing and conducting business in international markets around the world. His business and product development efforts have led to his market experience in overseas markets, with an emphasis in many of the EU countries, India, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and China, and has built a formidable network of business and manufacturing partners to augment these initiatives. In that regard, he was named by the Board to become a CEO of a troubled commodities trading company where he spearheaded a turnaround before divesting the company to preserve shareholder value. His expertise in China has led to development initiatives working for U.S. companies in forging business relationships with the Chinese government and in building joint venture deals to augment technology transfer initiatives.

In relation, Mr. Wieden currently acts on the Board of Directors of two other privately-held start-up companies where he leads the oversight and planning functions as they embark on entering their respective markets. His professional goal is to continually develop ideas and invent new disruptive products, and build brand strategies that drive business success.