New Directions
in New Therapies


Research Partnership: University of Minnesota Medical Device Center

This strategic partnership provides the Company with access to world class research facilities and a distinguished team of neurologists, neuro scientists, and medical researchers to help advance the SONS technology.


Greg Sachs, President, Sachs & Associates

For over twenty-five years, Mr. Sachs has brought medical device and biotech companies’ products to the global market through the management of Regulatory/Clinical Affairs, Quality Assurance, and Product Development. This broad-based experience includes development of corporate strategic plans, national/international regulatory/quality/clinical strategic planning/submissions, Quality Assurance systems establishment/compliance, CE Mark and successful national/international market introduction of proprietary technology, interdepartmental responsibility and management of budgets/projects.


Mark Duval, President, Duval & Associates

Mark DuVal, J.D., is President of DuVal & Associates, P.A., a law firm dedicated to counseling companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, food, and nutritional supplement industries. His practice includes providing strategic regulatory advice, developing compliance programs, designing and implementing sophisticated marketing programs, counseling on reimbursement matters, conducting sales training and interfacing extensively on behalf of companies with the FDA with relation to product approvals and clearances, clinical trial negotiations, approvals, policy arguments, appeals, etc.